BPI Piping can provide all our clients a full range of mechanical contracting services. The recent completion of our new full service fabrication shop allows us to produce all types of fabricated assemblies under strict guidance and in controlled environments. In addition to a standard fabrication shop, BPI Piping also has a full clean room environment fabrication facility.

The clean room facility allows up to produce all types of high purity fabrications for the hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries, from small bore piping up to 4” in diameter. The clean room is temperature/humidity controlled and has a high capacity air filtration system. Our clients can be assured that all fabrications are well within specifications of clean room fabrications. Our orbital certified welders adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the pharmaceutical, high technology and food grade industries during the fabrication and installation processes. As part of our standard protocol, BPI Piping uses bore scope technology to inspect every weld produced for the pharmaceutical industry.

Clean Room Image

Under the direction of fabrication shop superintendent Pete LeClair, the recent completion of our 4,000 square foot fabrication facility has allowed BPI Piping the opportunity to pre-fabricated assemblies used in the mechanical contracting industry. The fabrications are verified against specifications and engineered drawings, pressure tested, painted and ready for installation on project sites.

In addition to the fabrication services, BPI Piping offers the following:

  • Certified back flow testing
  • Teflon lined steel piping
  • Copper glass lined piping
  • Ductile iron/Cast iron fibercast piping
  • Stainless steel piping
  • High Purity orbital piping